Friday, August 3, 2012

Tool 6 - collaborative learning

One tool I would like to use more is Poll Everywhere. I would like to figure out how to allow more than 40 responses. I have more students than that! But, I love to travel with students and so I created a poll to gather opinions about where we should go. Here it is...

The second collaborative tool I would like to use more of is Today's Meet. It seems like a fun way to get the kids engaged during a lecture. It can also be a "safe" way to ask questions and and a way to ask the students to participate but providing a low key environment.

Finally, this year I'd like to use blogger blogs for my students. I can require them to post specific posts and I can check their progress. They can also use it as an online portfolio for their projects. I am excited to integrate this tool.

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  1. Great, I hope you enjoy these tools. Have fun with them next year.


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