Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool 3 - Embedding Video

I have mostly used YouTube for video content but in the past I have also tried United Streaming. It has a lot of great content. There are so many resources for teachers and I am always amazed by the leniency that teachers have when it comes to copyright rules. I know I have to give credit to sources but that is generally made very easy by the tools that have been developed for internet use and sharing. So many resources automatically put watermarks on their content which is a safety for them to not have their work stolen.

I chose to embed a fun video that I like to show my students. It just makes us all laugh and lets the kids know that they have learned something - maybe more than this guy. It is the "One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song". Runaway Box produced the video and the actor "Spanish Mike" has several videos on YouTube now and has been on Telemundo for interviews. Funny Stuff! Enjoy!

I have been using Dropbox for several years and love it! I have an account for personal use and one that I set up for our church to share documents for the children's ministry volunteers. It is a great resource. Unlike Google Docs, the format of the documents doesn't change to a different platform and that is really nice.

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Mrs. E

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