Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool 2 - Professional Learning Communities

Our first tool was to create this blog. :) Check!

Our second tool was to look into Professional Learning Communities. This idea was very familiar to me. I had to visit blogs (which I love to do), post a comment or two (which I love to do) and start a Diigo accout or a Google Reader account. I already have a Google reader for all of the craft blogs I follow but I set up another one for professional blogs. If you don't have a Google reader it is so easy to start and it makes following your favorite writers or blogs so easy!

I love to participate in online communities. I have followed crafting blogs for years and feel like I truly know some of these bloggers. I can lovingly refer to them as my "imaginary friends" since I don't REALLY know them. Building this same type of community with others in my teaching field is exciting. I have been searching for ways to change what is going on in my classroom and by reaching out and finding others that are doing innovative things I feel that I will be able to make good changes.

I am not afraid to share publicly. I know I need to be smart about what I saw and post but I don't feel like I need to be paranoid. The instructions for this tool shared a link about how to comment on posts but I felt like it was more of a link about how to "get" comments on my posts. I just feel like comments need to be positive or constructive and that they need to be relevant.

I listed a few of the blogs I plan to follow in my Good Reads list on the side of this blog. Take a peek!

See you soon,

Sra. E

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  1. Great job. I strongly recommend that you create an online alias. I use a version of my name. I also use a photo of my second life avi. That way, people will begin to "know" you but you will still be somewhat anonymous. I am a reader and writer of Pride and Prejudice fan fiction so I know what you mean about feeling that you kind of "know" someone after awhile. Good start.


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