Friday, April 27, 2012

11 Tools - Time to get started!

As part of a district initiative, all of the teachers must do a course that allows us to study the idea of Web 2.0.

Our students were born into a digital culture. They have never now know televisions without remotes, they have always had the internet and their parents have always had cell phones. Dial up internet is a phantom to them. Video games are a way of life, not a luxury. They are digital natives.

Why does it matter?

Well they are often being asked to learn in very traditional ways that don't utilize any of devices that they are experts on. We should be teaching them to use their resources to enhance their education and training them to use technology so that they can be players in the game when it is time for them to break into the world around them.

The first several posts of this blog will be to chronicle my experiences as I work through the 11 tools assignment. After that I plan to use this blog for my students and for my students as a means of communication and instruction.

Watch out for future posts!

Señora Ellingson


  1. Hey, great job. I look forward to seeing what you will do with a voki. That is also a part of the Tool 1. Just so you know, you can do your voki in Spanish. There is a choice of language and if you wish it will speak in Spanish. You can also chose a person that speaks with a Spanish accent if you choose, then you can sound like a Spanish native - now if they could just have a way for us teachers to speak Digital Native. LOL I really liked your take on that by the way. It was the subject of my work during my masters.

  2. Oh, one other thing - I forgot to mention - ask me about Second Life and Spanish language teaching. I will be at your school on May 31st. Thanks.

  3. Love the voki. I am so glad that you figured out how to make her speak in Spanish. AWESOME!

  4. I am somewhat new to the blogging and all of the tools we have been exposed to. I really like your ideas and I am amazed at how impactful these tools can be for our students. The idea of knowing the language can be switched to Spanish is great.


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